Microsoft unveils focus for Longhorn Itanium

Microsoft on Friday dribbled out new details of its next Windows Server operating system (OS) release, revealing that the Itanium version would be optimized for three specific workloads -- database, custom applications and line-of-business applications such as ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management).

The forthcoming Windows Server release, code-named Longhorn, is due sometime in 2007. The Itanium version of Windows Server is the OS for servers running on Intel's (Profile, Products, Articles) x64 Itanium processor, which is targeted mainly at high-end enterprise customers.

Because of the specific high-end optimization plans, the Longhorn release for Itanium won't be a good fit for servers handling less computing-intensive applications. These include applications such as Windows Media Services and Windows SharePoint Services, or common office functions such as file and print and faxing, according to Microsoft.

News source: InfoWorld

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