Microsoft ups revenue share for developers in the online Store to 95%

With the Microsoft Build 2018 keynote in full swing, the company preemptively announced an update to its fee structure - which will reportedly be confirmed by Joe Belfiore during the keynote today - for developers who sell applications on its platform. The update, which only applies to apps in the Microsoft Store will increase the revenue share which is paid, further incentivizing developers to target the platform.

According to Microsoft, the revenue share will be upped to 95:5 in favor of the developer on all applications sold through the store on consumer Windows 10 devices - which includes Mobile, PC's, Windows Mixed Reality and the Surface Hub. This is a one-up on both Google and Apple, both of which offer revenue sharing of around 60:40 in favor of the developer. The company noted, however, that these new terms will not apply to games. Furthermore, it noted that if the application was purchased via a referral by the company - be it online advertising or similar methods - the share will drop to 85:15 in favor of the developer.

The new fee structure will come into effect later this year through an update to the App Developer Agreement, which will outline its structure in further detail.

Source: Windows Blogs

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