Microsoft's Edge Dev build is available with more fixes

Last week, Microsoft released Edge Dev build, saying that we should now expect to see the weekly builds on Tuesdays. The company didn't make the deadline it set for itself though, today introducing build to the Dev channel.

Another thing that happened last week is that the first Edge Dev build was released for Macs. That means that today's update is the first one for the macOS version.

Today's update doesn't contain any major new features. Instead, it's all about fixes. Here's what got changed in "feature behavior and appearance":

  • Added the number of additional tabs present in the window title.

  • Fixed an issue where the + button to open new tabs is invisible.

  • Fixed an issue where corrupted characters appeared in certain parts of the UI like the address bar dropdown or the … menu.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking quickly on the X on entries on the history page would open them instead of deleting them.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking the “Remove All” button to remove all cookies doesn’t do anything.

  • Fixed an issue where the order of user profiles differed between the user flyout and the list in Settings.

  • Fixed an issue where signing out of user profiles didn’t work.

  • Fixed an issue where favorites sometimes don’t sync to other machines.

  • Fixed an issue where the Read Aloud bar sometimes takes a long time to appear.

  • Fixed an issue where entries on the history or download pages overlap at narrow window widths.

These are the reliability and security fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where switching between user profiles sometimes crashes the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where sending feedback from a webpage that had crashed sometimes crashes the whole browser.

  • Fixed an issue where the browser sometimes hangs when it’s closed.

  • Updated to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (

Finally, these are the changes that are exclusive to the Mac:

  • Fixed an issue where the browser sometimes doesn’t launch.
  • Fixed an issue where video controls remained on the Touch Bar after leaving the page with the video.

  • Fixed an issue where refreshing the settings page caused certain UI buttons to appear to be disabled.

  • Fixed an issue where menu text can appear white on white in certain situations.

Your Edge Dev browser will update automatically in the background, and you'll have the new version the next time you launch it. To update manually, go to Settings -> About Microsoft Edge.

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