Microsoft's "Meet Your Match" is off to a blazing start with 75,000 demos completed

Microsoft has been quite vocal about its aggressive Windows Phone advertising campaigns. What started off with “Smoked by Windows Phone” has evolved into a “Meet Your Match” campaign that shows consumers the advantages with Windows Phone 8.

To date, Microsoft has hosted 75,000 Meet Your Match challenges and demos across the US, UK, France and Germany. While the 75,000 number is quite impressive, Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph states that “88% of the people who took our post-challenge survey thought that Windows Phone was a better match for them than the phone in their pocket.”

Even though the numbers above are certainly positive, unfortunately, they don’t necessarily translate into sales. Then again, all forms of advertising are about raising awareness in hopes that consumers will purchase the marketed product when the next decision point arises.

So for Ben and the Microsoft Windows Phone team, seeing that 88% of consumers who were shown Windows Phone 8 believed it was a better match than the device they are currently using, is a big win.

As Microsoft looks to spread the word about Windows Phone 8 and all of its advantages, look for the company to produce creative advertising solutions to help nudge the marketshare needle uphill as it tries to diminish the stronghold Apple and Android currently have on the market.

Source and Image Credit: Microsoft

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