Microsoft's 'Switch to Surface' for Mac campaign brings back memories of the past

Microsoft is promoting on Twitter, and likely other places, a 'Switch to Surface' website that is targeting Mac users. The website offers helpful advice to those who are coming from an OS X-based machine to Windows and of course, Microsoft is pushing the Surface Pro 3 as well.

Ever since it was announced, Microsoft has been specifically targeting the MacBook Air; at the launch event there was even a MacBook Air on stage to highlight how the Pro 3 is better than Apple's laptop. It's not all that surprising to see Microsoft still targeting these users, and their new-ish website takes it a step further.

Apple, many years ago, had a similar website on its site that had similar jargon about why you should switch from a PC to a Mac. The company even ran commercials to further push that agenda; Microsoft now runs similar ads for Cortana and of course, the website reminds of Apple's tactics many years ago.

​Microsoft is using the #switchtoSurface hashtag on Twitter, although, it is showing a minimal amount of engagement at this time but it is still likely early in the campaign.

The bigger question, and considering the Surface division is now likely a billion dollar business for Microsoft, is how well the Pro 3 is selling when compared to the Air. While Microsoft is not revealing sales figures of any Surface tablet, we do wonder if the Pro 3 has made a dent in sales of the MacBook Air; Apple does not break out its Mac sales figures either, so it is not possible to compare sales trends for each device.

The Pro 3 has been available for sale for six months and has received positive reviews from many different outlets (Neowin included). This device is clearly the best Surface yet, but with Windows 10 right around the corner, we will be curious to see what Microsoft has up its sleeve for the Pro 4.

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