Minecraft comes to Apple TV, as The Ender Update launches on Pocket and Windows 10 editions

Back in October, at its MacBook Pro launch event, Apple announced that Minecraft would soon be coming to the Apple TV. Today, the makers of the hugely popular blocky world-building game have announced its release for the fruity media box.

Minecraft: Apple TV Edition is available to buy from today, priced at $19.99. For a limited time, it also includes seven bits of additional downloadable content:

  • Skin packs:
    • Holiday 2015
    • Town Folk
    • City Folk
  • Mash-Ups:
    • Plastic
    • Natural
    • Cartoon
    • Festive 2016

The new Apple TV version of the game doesn't yet support Minecraft Realms or Xbox Live - but those features are in development, and will be added in an update "in the near future".

Minecraft: Apple TV Edition includes the new Ender Update, which has also been released for the Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition of the game today. The update includes the 2016 Festive Mash-Up Pack, along with:

  • The End, End cities, End ships, Ender dragon & all the other End goodies
  • Ender Pearls
  • Eye of Ender
  • Ender Chest
  • Dragon head
  • Shulkers & shulker shells
  • Chorus fruit and popped chorus fruit
  • End stone & End stone brick
  • End poem
  • Purpur block, purpur pillar, purpur slab & purpur stairs
  • End Rod
  • Dragon Egg
  • Exit Portal & End Gateway
  • Ender charge
  • Ability to craft lingering potions in survival
  • Ability to craft tipped arrows in survival
  • Ability to respawn Jean? the Ender Dragon
  • Dragon's breath
  • Elytra
  • Ender crystals
  • 256 world height!
  • World seed library
  • Igloos & polar bears
  • Strongholds now fully implemented and have a chance of spawning in newly generated chunks
  • Support for world templates

Microsoft recently announced the upcoming launch of its new Fallout Mash-Up Pack, details of which you can find here.

Source: Minecraft

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