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Mojang doesn't want Minecraft server owners integrating NFTs for in-game item purchases

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Mojang has updated its Minecraft Usage Guidelines today, which ban the use of blockchain technologies, including non-fungible tokens. These technologies can't be integrated into the Minecraft client, server applications, or be used in any way associated with buying and selling in-game content including worlds, skins, persona items, or other mods.

The reasons behind the decision are multifaceted, but Mojang seems most concerned about items being sold at very high prices. Mojang is also concerned that NFTs will lead to a situation where items are very scarce and create a culture of exclusion, and it doesn’t believe this is what Minecraft should be about.

While Mojang is not interested in allowing blockchain technologies right now, it has said that it will continue monitoring the space and may implement some of the more inclusive applications of the technology. For people who want to sell in-game items, the company said it will “strive to provide a marketplace” where its values are recognized.

Mojang is not the first tech firm to distance itself from blockchains, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies. The web browser maker, Vivaldi, also said that it wouldn’t be leveraging any of these technologies in its products. On the flip side, Brave and Opera have begun including these technologies in their browsers to varying extents.

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