More Anonymous arrests made in Turkey

A few days after people who are allegedly part of the hacker group Anonymous were arrested in Spain, even more arrests were made in Turkey in relation to that same group. Security Week reports that 32 people have been detained after police in Turkey conducted raids in 12 cities, according to the state run news agency.

According to the report, Anonymous had "recently targeted Web sites of the country's telecommunications watchdog, the prime minister's office and parliament as a protest to Turkey's plans to introduce Internet filters." These actions have come after three suspect who are also believed to be part of Anonymous were arrested on Friday by Spain's National Police. Security Week's story claims that after Friday's arrests in Spain "the group responded on Saturday with a DDoS attack against the Spanish National Police Web site."

The group has also officially downplayed the arrests in Spain, saying that while the police there claim that they have taken out the leaders of the group in that country, Anonymous states, "There are no leaders of Anonymous. Anonymous is not based on personal distinction."

The Anonymous group has admitted to launching a denial of service attack earlier this year against Sony. Sony has claimed it has also found evidence that members of Anonymous were the cause of the cyber attack last April that led to the month long shut down of Sony's Playstation Network online service. Officially, Anonymous has stated it has had nothing to do with the Playstation Network cyber attacks.

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