More improvements are on the way to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10

Microsoft has been making some improvements to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 devices recently. Last month, a new design started rolling out, and over the last couple of weeks, the company began testing features such as the shopping cart and the wish list. But it looks like more changes are on the way, as detailed in a report by Windows Central.

Quite a few improvements are mentioned in the report, but perhaps the biggest one is the addition of an adaptive menu bar at the top of the app. As it stands right now, the categories displayed at the top of the app window are static, meaning that all the same options are available as you navigate through the store. The upcoming update is going to make it so that these links change as you navigate into the main categories.

For example, visiting the "Devices" section will spawn a series of sub-sections, such as Surface, PC Gaming, and more. This applies to any category inside the app, and some sub-categories may have their own set of categories as well, which should significantly simplify navigation.

Microsoft is also adding the ability to manage subscriptions from within the Store app on Windows 10, so you can subscribe to Office 365, Xbox Game Pass, and other subscription-based services right from the app, without having to visit your Microsoft Account page.

Other smaller changes include a slightly revamped drop-down menu for your user profile inside the app, the ability to pin the "My Library" page to the Start menu, and a new page that lists all the departments in the store. The latter should make it easy to view all the types of content available at a glance, rather than forcing users to navigate through each section.

Microsoft has made many attempts to attract users and developers to the Microsoft Store, but those efforts haven't had as big of an effect as the company probably hoped for. These improvements might make it easier to navigate the Store app, but it doesn't change the fact that many popular apps still aren't available there.

Source: Windows Central

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