Motorola reveals Android skin for its phones

Despite officially becoming a Google-owned company earlier this week, it appears Motorola won't be utilizing the stock Android interface on its phones. Instead, the company has revealed it plans to release its own skin for the Android interface.

The skin won't differ much from the stock interface, according to videos on Motorola's Japanese site. Some notable changes include new icons and formatting modifications, as well as changes to the standard lock and home screens. Motorola's new lock screen includes quick access to the camera, text messages, phone book and home screen. Additional widgets have been added to Motorola phones as well, including specialized social networking tools. Motorola has also overhauled the stock Android camera to include the ability to capture stills while recording video.

A video illustrating some of the changes the company has made to the stock lock and home screens can be seen below. Additional videos of the company's changes to the standard interface can be seen here.

It's unclear if any of the changes Motorola's made to the stock Android experience will alleviate some of the legal issues it faces from Microsoft's ownership of key smartphone patents, although that seems an unlikely scenario. Microsoft recently won an injunction against Motorola for Android's use of multi-part text messaging. Microsoft and Motorola are facing numerous other patent disputes relating to Android, however. Motorola and Microsoft are also facing a lawsuit over the use of H.264 encoding in Microsoft's Xbox 360, among other issues.

Via: The Verge
Source: Motorola Japan

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