Mozilla launches Firefox Replay for Nightly builds on macOS

Mozilla has recently launched a new webpage for a developer feature that is now available on Firefox Nightly for macOS called Firefox Replay. With the new tool, developers can record content processes, replay them later, share them, and rewind them to view earlier states.

While you can use Replay on macOS versions of Firefox Nightly, you should be warned that the feature is still in beta with the MDN web docs explaining that some of the things are still considered to be pre-alpha. Due to the early state that it’s in, you’ll be required to manually enable Firefox Replay by going to DevTools, then to Settings, and clicking “Enable Replay”. Once enabled you can click the Record button in DevTools.

The timeline allows for efficient debugging.

According to one of the people working on the feature, Firefox Replay is currently undergoing the user research phase while Mozilla validates it. Once the feature progresses a bit more and gets put into the official roadmap then cross-platform support will become “a priority”.

By including tools like Firefox Replay, Mozilla may be able to lure more developers back to its browser. This will ensure that more sites are tested in Firefox thus providing a better experience for everyday Firefox users who may otherwise have switched to a rival browser. Aside from a general overview on the Firefox Replay landing page, you can find more in-depth information over at the Mozilla Developer Network.

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