Mozilla launches three new features in Test Pilot for Firefox

Mozilla has added three new experiments to its Test Pilot program which it rebooted earlier this year. Briefly, for those unaware about Test Pilot, it's an opt-in program where you can test experimental Firefox features that are in the early stages of development. Mozilla says it’s happy to see so many people participating and providing feedback, which will help the company determine which features are included in Firefox later on.

The first of the new experiments is Min Vid, it allows you to watch videos across other tabs. Here’s what Mozilla says about it:

“Keep your favorite entertainment front and center. Min Vid plays your videos in a small window on top of your other tabs so you can continue to watch while answering email, reading the news or, yes, even while you work. Min Vid currently supports videos hosted by YouTube and Vimeo.”

The second new experiment, Page Shot, is an inbuilt print screen tool with a few nifty features bolted on:

“The print screen button doesn’t always cut it. The Page Shot feature lets you take, find and share screenshots with just a few clicks by creating a link for easy sharing. You’ll also be able to search for your screenshots by their title, and even the text captured in the image, so you can find them when you need them.”

The final experiment is one already partially implemented in Firefox, Tracking Protection. The major exception here is that tracking protection will also be included in non-private browsing tabs. Here’s what Mozilla plans to do with the findings of this experiment:

“We’ve had Tracking Protection in Private Browsing for a while, but now you can block trackers that follow you across the web by default. Turn it on, and browse free and breathe easy. This experiment will help us understand where Tracking Protection breaks the web so that we can improve it for all Firefox users.”

Below is a video of them in action

These new experiments join others (Activity Stream, Tab Center, No More 404s, and Universal Search) that were launched in May this year. To try out these features yourself, head over to the Test Pilot website, install the add-on and enable the features you want!

Source: Mozilla

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