[MWC 2019] Remade is breathing some new life into refurbished iPhones

It's not very common for Apple to come out with a whole range of colors for its iPhones, so users are often left to choose between rather boring options. Luckily, if you don't mind having an older model, a French company called Remade may have a great solution for you.

Remade's slogan is "better than refurbished", and that's the core of its business. The company only works with Apple devices, and it's developed processes for tearing apart and rebuilding them to resell at a lower price. Refurbished phones are nothing new, of course, but the company also does more than that. For some models, specifically the iPhone 6 and 7, there are beautiful color variations created by Remade's custom processes.

Remade already has some colors for the iPhone 6 in its online store, but it's launching an array of new ones, both for the iPhone 6 and 7, and they look and feel fantastic. Understated designs and colors have become such a common practice in phones, especially Apple's, that these new colors truly are a fresh of breath air.

This isn't just any old paint job either. Remade disassembles the models, de-anodizes the aluminum to remove the outer layer and color, including any scratches, and then anodizes it with a new color from its collection. The end result feels great in the hand, and it's just so eye-catching that I found it impossible not to love it. Everything, down to Apple's engravings on the back of the phone, is in the right place, except it looks a lot cooler now.

Now, sadly, this is only being done for these two iPhone models, which I think is kind of a shame. I asked why newer models, or the bigger ones, aren't included, and I was told that there just isn't enough demand for that. Also, while there's a pretty good range of colors to choose from, it's obviously far below the claimed "infinite" possible colors that could be done. I think it would be interesting to have an option to go on the company's website and have one custom made with whatever color you want.

Remade currently sells its phones in 17 countries across Europe and Asia, but it has plans to expand to other markets, including the Americas, in the future. For now, those in Europe can keep an eye on the online store for the new models shown off at MWC 2019. The existing models all seem to be out of stock, unfortunately.

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