MXM by nVidia – Bringing Life and Upgradeability to Notebook

Today nVidia and the world's leading notebook manufacturers will change the way we think of mobile graphics forever. Ever since notebook computers were created many years ago, there always existed an inherent challenge to be able to provide an easy way for consumers to upgrade their tiny systems instead of essentially throwing away their old notebook and buying a brand new system to be able to experience the latest and greatest in computing technology. In particular today we will be focusing on the ability to upgrade the graphics inside your future notebooks without the need and headache of having to pull your pride and joy apart.

Last year many studies showed that notebook computers outsold regular desktop computers and we can see just how this would have sounded the alarm bells at companies such as nVidia and ATI since their main core business is selling GPUs to their add-in board partners to use on their AGP graphics cards for desktop computer systems. For one company, nVidia, it prompted them to think of a better way to cater for notebook user as well as notebook manufacturers who also wouldn't say no to an easier way of producing a wider range of notebook models at different price points while bringing them to the market quicker and at the same time saving costs on R&D costs by not having to create separate graphics boards for each new notebook developed.

News source: TweakTown

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