NeoBytes :) The Apple Plug will instantly transform your old iPhone into an iPhone 7

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via Apple Plug

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 7, many were disappointed by its decision to kill off the much-loved 3.5 mm headphone jack, which has been used for a long time already. However, Apple defended its choice stating that the move was made out of 'courage,' the courage to ditch an old connector for a new one, which can improve the listening experience for more people.

With this in consideration, Nicer Studios, a company marketing itself as 'a parody of the good folks at Apple,' took advantage of the situation. It thought about Apple's bold step into the future, and decided to help those iPhone owners who now feel left out.

The 'Apple Plug' helps anyone who has an iPhone with a 3.5mm jack instantly "upgrade" into an iPhone 7-like device by covering up the jack with a plug. "Fill in your archaic headphone connector with beautiful aluminium and plug yourself into the future," the product's description says.

The plug will transform your old iPhone into a device that is in line with Apple's vision. Once connected, the Apple Plug will stay in place, and will not be removable. Why would you want to downgrade back to an old iPhone anyway?

Nicer Studios calls the Apple Plug cool, affordable, progressive, safe, and waterproof. The best part?
It's better.

Source: Apple Plug via The Verge

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