Netflix's new user profiles do not work in Windows Media Center

Netflix launched its new user profiles feature last week, allowing for one account on the popular streaming service to have a number of different profiles, each of which can be accessed by one family member. However, it appears that the feature does not work as advertised with the plug in for Windows Media Center.

According to Digital Media Zone, WMC users have found that while they see a list of the new user profiles with the Netflix plug in, they get an error message when one is actually selected. If all of the extra profiles are deleted, the plug-in will work as before with the main Netflix profile, which cannot be deleted.

Obviously, this issue will affect only a few Netflix users out there and all current versions of Windows can still run Netflix the old fashioned way from a web browser. It remains to be seen if the problem is a Netflix or a Microsoft software issue.

Netflix said last week that the user profiles are already available for several platforms, including the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, Apple TV and most smart TVs, and support for other versions will be added in the coming months.

Source: Digital Media Zone via Engadget | Image via Digital Media Zone

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