New Bing TV ads claim search engine 'can do anything better' than Google

Microsoft has been promoting Bing on television with a series of ads that show ordinary people comparing their search results to that of Google. The latest such "Bing It On" ad was released Monday and featured residents of Topeka, Kansas, taking on the Bing search challenge.

Microsoft also decided to launch a second Bing TV ad campaign on Monday with three new commercials, all of which have been uploaded to the Bing YouTube channel. The ads all attempt to show Bing's advantages over Google, using old song standards as their soundtracks. That's evident in the first commercial, which uses "Anything You Can Do," the Irving Berlin song from the 1946 Broadway musical "Annie Get Your Gun."

The ad shows Google and Bing's front pages "singing" the song, with the idea that Bing's daily full-page nature photo is nicer to look at than Google's plain white page with the company logo.

The second ad uses "You Say Potato," the George and Ira Gershwin standard, to show how Bing's feature of scrolling over video search results to show a quick moving previews of videos makes it different than Google's static search. Microsoft gives some more details in this blog post today, saying:

When we crawl videos, we create short previews (never more than 30 seconds, made up of a few very short clips) that reflect what our video crawling technology thinks are the most relevant parts. We look at the audio levels for instance to see a big play in a sports video (based on the applause from a monster dunk, for example).

Finally, the third video switches from the PC search site to the mobile apps of Google and Bing, as it shows how Bing's translation features are supposedly better than Google's. The song that accompanies the ad this time is "Travelin' Happy," which we think is being sung by Frank Sinatra. However, in our searches of both Bing and Google we haven't found out anything about this particular song.

Source: Bing on YouTube

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