New Diablo III patch makes some gameplay changes

Blizzard has been making some hotfixes for its action-RPG game Diablo III ever since its launch in mid-May. Most of those hotfixes were for server issues. Today, Blizzard released a major client patch for Diablo III that also makes a number of gameplay changes, along with many bug fixes.

The change notes for the 1.0.3 patch can be seen at the official Diablo III web site. One big change will affect players that have access to the Inferno level of play in the game. The patch notes states that acts 2-4 in Diablo III have had their difficulty level cut down in Inferno mode in order to match the level players face in act 1.

The amount of rewards that players can receive when they replay quests in Diablo III has been reduced in this new patch. Also, the recently launched real money auction house has now added Chilean, Argentinian, and Brazilian currency support.

There's also a ton of gameplay balance changes for all of Diablo III's player classes, as well as the game's monsters and boss characters. There's also been some changes and fixes to the game's items and crafting features, along with a lot of other general bug fixes to the game as well as the auction house and

Source: Diablo III web site

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