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New report alleges that Nvidia is reviving the RTX 2060 lineup

According to a report from Overclocking.com, Nvidia is purportedly re-introducing the RTX 2060 lineup, ie, both the RTX 2060 and the 2060 SUPER. The media outlet states that multiple AIB partners of Nvidia have said the same thing which lends some credibility to this rumor. Bizarrely, the new RTX 2060 and its SUPER counterpart will allegedly be priced at EUR 300 and EUR 400, respectively, the latter of which is actually a bit higher than the recently announced RTX 3060's reference MSRP.

Both AMD and Nvidia have been struggling with graphics cards' stock issues due to the pandemic as well as the general high demand for GPUs which happens around every new GPU upgrade cycle. So, the revival of the RTX 2060 lineup could be a measure to offset the ongoing shortage. A quick peek at Newegg and Amazon reveals that a lot of the existing 2060 models are either out of stock or are selling for much higher prices than their suggested MSRP.

An RTX 2060 or something similarly performing is still a very capable GPU for 1080p gaming, which is by far the most common resolution according to the Steam hardware survey. Hence, from both gamers' and Nvidia's perspectives, the revival of the Turing-based 2060 mid-range cards could be a win-win situation, especially if the new RTX 3060 suffers the same fate as the other 30-series GPUs of being overpriced due to the very high demand. However, the prospect of paying a similar price or higher to the RTX 3060's MSRP for a last-generation card is not ideal.

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