New video shows Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 at work at Seattle Children's Hospital

Even though the first units of Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 won't get into the hands of regular consumers until June 20th, the company has already lined up some big businesses like Coca-Cola and BMW to purchase the 12 inch tablet. Today, Microsoft has announced that the Seattle Children's Hospital is the latest large organization that has committed to using the Surface Pro 3.

In both a new blog post and in a YouTube video, Microsoft goes over how the Surface Pro 3 is attracting more business and enterprise users. In the case of the Seattle Children's Hospital, the video shows employees stating that it was a "no brainer" to pick Microsoft's tablet as their laptop replacement. The video shows how the Surface Pro 3 could be used to show more medical data at once to doctors using its larger 12 inch screen. Using the tablet with the optional Surface Pen also allows physicians to take written notes quickly.

The blog post also has a quick Q&A with Jim Scholefield, the Chief Technology Officer, for Coca-Cola. When asked why he picked the Surface Pro 3 for the company to use at this early stage, Scholefield said, "With personal productivity platforms converging between PC’s and tablets we want to be able to leverage new form factors to enable our workforce to use devices that are highly mobile, easy to operate and provide the capability of a traditional PC." Hopefully this kind of attitude will spread among more businesses who want a mobile touchscreen device that can still be used as a powerful laptop.

Source: Microsoft

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