Nine months after launch, T-Mobile has dropped the Alcatel Fierce XL with Windows 10 Mobile

This week, Alcatel unveiled its new Windows 10 Mobile flagship, the Idol 4S with Windows 10. The device is launching exclusively available on T-Mobile in the United States - and it looks like it may not be offered on any other carriers, or in any other markets.

Earlier this year, Alcatel launched another Windows 10 Mobile handset exclusively on T-Mobile US. The Fierce XL with Windows 10 Mobile was a far more affordable device, priced at $139.99, although it offered a pretty decent range of specs for that price.

The Fierce XL with Windows 10 Mobile went on sale through T-Mobile in February, but now, just nine months after its launch, the carrier has dropped the device from its range.

When Alcatel's new Idol 4S with Windows 10 launches on November 10, priced at $469.99, it will be the only Windows 10 Mobile handset available on the carrier, with no more affordable Windows device options offered to buyers with more modest budgets. Those looking for a new device still have options, of course, such as the Microsoft Lumia 550, which is the same price in the Microsoft Store.

Currently, T-Mobile has no Windows phones available to buy at any price. The Android version of the Fierce XL is still available to purchase through T-Mobile's value-focused MetroPCS carrier brand, priced at $49.

In July, T-Mobile ditched the HTC 10 flagship phone, just two months after it went on sale.

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