Nokia apologizes for misleading Lumia PureView video

Mere hours after Nokia announced its Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 smartphone on Wednesday, the company apologized for a video that misleadingly demonstrated the image stabilization feature of the upcoming device.

The video depicts a couple riding bicycles and what is implied to be video shot by one of the cyclists, comparing the recordings taken with and without the PureView optical image stabilization (OIS) feature of the Lumia 920. The difference between the recordings is drastic and impressive. The only problem is, the example for the recording taken using OIS was not shot on a Lumia 920, as the eagle-eyed folks at The Verge noticed.

You can see behind the wizard's curtain at 0:27 in the above video, or a more explicit example video provided by The Verge. A reflection in a trailer's window shows that the video was obviously not shot by the lady's companion on the bicycle, but by a man leaning out the open side door of an accompanying van, using a DSLR or other camera of some kind.

A Nokia spokesperson confirmed that the video was not shot using a Lumia 920 and claimed that it was only supposed to demonstrate the OIS feature. Shortly after, a full apology appeared on Nokia's blog, posted by Heidi Lemmetyinen. "... we should have posted a disclaimer stating this was a representation of OIS only. This was not shot with a Lumia 920," Lemmetyinen wrote. "We apologize for the confusion we created."

The blog post included a video demonstrating the OIS feature, recorded on an actual Lumia 920.

Source: Conversations by Nokia, The Verge

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