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Nokia is having a mystery press event on July 28

After being out of the public eye for quite some time following the sale of its hardware division to Microsoft, Nokia is coming back into focus again, with first the release of the N1 tablet and, now, another mystery announcement to come in the following weeks.

The following teaser image was sent to members of the media:

The teaser did not include any other details, except an extreme close-up of what might be the purpose of Nokia's announcement. Not much can be made out of it but, to me, two lenses can be made out, leading me to believe that the company might be making a play into the virtual reality market. Another possibility, of course, is that the inclusion of the word 'here' is a play on the name of its mapping service, HERE Maps. There have been reports that the company is looking to sell the division, with several German automakers and Uber already having made bids (Uber might not have gained much traction, though, as Nokia was said to have rejected its offer).

While Nokia has already moved on to focusing on its research on mobile networks, the company has said that it does want to get back into the smartphone business and Nokia fans will be pinning their hopes on an announcement along those lines. Their contract with Microsoft prevents such a move right now, however, so its likely to be mere speculation that we will see something in the short term.

Source: PhoneArena via Windows Central

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