Nokia opens poll to name first Windows Phone device

Nokia is yet to reveal any details about what the first smartphones with Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating system will be like. Despite this, the company is giving the public a chance to decide what name its first Windows Phone 7 product will have. A survey set up by Nokia's North American Head of Developer Marketing, Chanse Arrington, has well over 40 names to pick from including some rather unusual choices.

So far, the "Nokia Phoenix" name is leading with 16 percent of the vote, followed by "Nokia Genesis" with 10 percent. Some of the more interesting names on the list include the "Nokia Halo," which has some obvious tie ins to Microsoft, the Nokia Deckard (someone at Nokia apparently likes Blade Runner a lot) and the Nokia Jedi.

One would hope that Nokia will bypass some of the other names on this survey list, such as the "Nokia EZ" (which sounds like a 1980's hip-hop phone), the Nokia Spawn (shades of 1990's comics), and the "Nokia XPhone". As for the worst name on the list? That award goes to "Nokia Xtreme," which almost sounds like a 1980's heavy metal band.

There's no word if Nokia will pick any of the names on the list, but it's nice to know that the company's marketing department wants at least a little input from the public. The first Nokia devices with Windows Phone 7 onboard are expected to be released sometime this fall.

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