Nokia unveils "Switched to Nokia" ad campaign on YouTube

Nokia has uploaded two videos to YouTube that show "real people" making the switch from another brand to the Nokia Lumia. So far there are only two that first appeared yesterday, and it's unclear if these would be used on television or will remain an Internet campaign.

It's also unclear if these are actually real world users or actors, but it is marketed as such through the Nokia channel on YouTube.

Meet Chris, from Glasgow, Scotland.

In the first video we meet Chris who is from Glasgow and tells us about why he made the switch from Motorola to Lumia. He starts off trashing Android, saying the software is "clunky" and that Windows Phone just "looks better" and is quicker than any previous phone he's had. Well see for yourself in the above video.

Meet Drew, from Toronto, Canada.

In the second video, we meet Drew who is from Toronto and tells us about why he made the switch from a BlackBerry to Lumia. In this video he starts off about the poor call quality of his Blackberry, and made the switch to Nokia because it "just felt right" he also points out that his favorite feature is the camera for its high quality, and maps.

It's also interesting to point out that both Chris and Dave have partners who already own a Lumia, the latter of which isn't even allowed to touch it! That alone appears to have had an effect on their purchase decision. You might remember this little gem from April where the girlfriend also plays a major role in reminding her boyfriend why his current phone “is a worthless piece of..."

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