Nvidia announces the Quadro RTX 4000 with 8GB GDDR6 memory

At the Autodesk University Conference in Las Vegas today, Nvidia announced its new Quadro RTX 4000 GPU. It's the first mid-range professional GPU from the RTX lineup, which is built on the 'Turing' architecture.

The graphics card has 36 RT cores, to enable real-time ray tracing. This should provide "physically accurate shadows, reflections, refractions and global illumination." And in a professional environment, it should also allow renders to happen in real-time, rather than in a simulation. That means that users won't have to waste valuable time for renders to be completed, and they can continue working.

There are also 288 Turing Tensor cores, promising 57 teraflops of "deep learning performance". This adds artificial intelligence and machine learning features, which can also be applied to "rendering, products, and services".

The Quadro RTX 4000 includes 8GB GDDR6 memory, and it supports video creation and playback in resolutions of up to 8K. Dell, HP, and Lenovo have all announced support for the new graphics card, and you'll start seeing it in products next month. It will also be available as a standalone unit from Nvidia.com.

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