OCZ Slick Pad review @ The C-A-D

Zefanja let me know that he just finished up a review of the OCZ Slick Pad.. I might get me one of these babies!

Blurb: This is one mother of a mouse pad, can you say huge? When I first saw it I thought "Oh great now I have to move the keyboard to just find space for this thing." So I laid it down, pushed aside the keyboard a little and then realized that this is perfect. Nearly 14 inches vertically and 3/4 inch tall there is enough space to even keep your brew (or soft drink) on it while you play a little quake. CAD users (the program not the site) should be excited because of the enormous space. You won't need to lift the mouse as much. The end is even form fitted so your wrist will not kill after you stay up in the wee hours of the night fraggin away.

View: The C-A-D OCZ Slick Pad review

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