Office for Windows Phone 8 revealed

Much like how Microsoft has chosen to pre-install a version of Office on all Windows RT devices, the company will also make a version of its software suite available for anyone who buys a new Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia, Samsung and HTC.

In a new post on the Office Next blog, Microsoft goes over some of the features that Windows Phone 8 users can expect from their version of Office. The Office Hub is the place that those users can quickly access programs like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The use of the Office 365 subscription service means that documents created on one product can be view in the Windows Phone 8 version. Microsoft states:

Email attachments you’ve opened in Outlook Mobile will also show up automatically in the Office hub. And you can access documents on SkyDrive or Office 365, and share them with others. And of course we’ve made sure that the Office Hub takes advantage of the new ‘Tap + Send’ feature in Windows Phone 8 to let you share documents by tapping your phone on another NFC-capable device.

The blog also goes over some specific improvements made to Office software for Windows Phone 8. For example, Microsoft said it has put in some new features in PowerPoint, saying, "We added portrait mode with speaker notes, and slide thumbnails make navigation between slides a lot easier."

Excel also has some added features, with Microsoft saying that its new "touch friendly" view allows for easier and faster range selection and resizing of columns. The new Word also allows for full screen reading of documents. OneNote Mobile has been turned into a separate app for Windows Phone 8, outside the Office Hub.

Source: Office Next blog | Image via Microsoft

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