OnePlus One scores a temporary reprieve from banned sales

OnePlus and its OnePlus One smartphone have both attracted quite a bit of attention this year including being the focal point for a sexist photo contest offering invitations to buy the phone as prizes. More recently, the OnePlus faced a hurdle before Christmas in India where it was banned from selling its phone given Cyanogen's exclusivity agreement with Micromax which prompted OnePlus to fast track development of its own mobile OS as a workaround.

Cyanogen was of the belief that its deal with Micromax superseded the non-exclusive deal it had struck with OnePlus ultimately leading to the showdown in court.

In a new twist, the Delhi High Court has temporarily lifted the ban ordered on December 16 to undertake new hearings with pleadings to be provided by both Micromax and OnePlus. Cyanogen, being branded by the court as a villain for its unfair dealings with both companies, has been directed by the court to file their reply on Micromax's application.

With regards to the original case, the High Court bench made an observation in its eighteen page judgment that: was not proper of the single judge to finally decide the application without giving the parties time to file their pleadings.

The High Court has asked the same judge who heard the original case to conduct the fresh hearing. However, until that case reaches its formal conclusion, the OnePlus One can be purchased through Amazon India unencumbered. The new case is expected to take place within the next fortnight.

Source: IBNLive, Technology Personalized | Image via OnePlus

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