Online coverage of Windows Phone 7 on the increase

After news of dropping KIN, Microsoft is keen to show off more of their soon to be released mobile operating system; Windows Phone 7. The company is holding live QnA sessions and posting more videos in an attempt to create more interest in the OS, before the thousands of prototype devices are shipped out to developers around the world.  

Earlier this week Microsoft posted another live interview on Windows Phone 7 Backstage; going further in depth with regards to what the new OS will feature. Microsoft have done these interviews before, and they all follow a similar format allowing readers of the site to submit questions, which are then answered by a senior member of the Windows Phone team. Today’s live interview was presented by Aaron Woodman, Director of Windows Phone Product Management and was based around gaming on the mobile devices and how Xbox Live will integrate with the OS. Much of what was discussed in the video is already known, including Xbox Live integration.

However, during this interview some other interesting points were made. Microsoft has stated that there will be many games available in the marketplace at launch, and that the launch will be accompanied by a massive advertising campaign across different types of media, including Xbox Live. Games will pause and be pushed to the background if the users move out of the game or receives a phone call and furthermore, developers will be able to use all of sensors in the device. It will also be possible to integrate social networks other than Xbox Live to connect games and players to their contacts. The video also assures viewers that the device will ship in time for the holiday season, as both Microsoft and its many partners are all on track for a timely release. It also sounds like Microsoft have a multi-year plan for Windows Phone and will bring a more functional version of Xbox Live to the OS in the future allowing more than just the initial turn by turn multiplayer games.

Aaron also went on to confirm what won’t be included in the software. It won’t be possible to pause a game on Windows Phone 7 and resume it on another platform; the demo that Microsoft gave showing jumping in and out of the same gaming session on three different screens appears to have just been that, a demo. At launch it won’t be possible to make small financial transactions, micro-transactions, within games or apps, for example buying more levels, although this may be a feature that is integrated in the future.

Also another new video has appeared., has stumbled upon French website Le Journal du Geek who were able to play around with the OS and even play Twin Blades, one of the few games already demonstrated on the devices. The video below is best viewed by those who speak French, but even if you don't, you might still be interested to see one of the latest builds of Windows Phone 7 and a game running on the OS.

Incidentally if you are interested in seeing some games that are likely to be featured on Windows Phone 7, there are many demos from developers available on YouTube.

Microsoft are expected to send out many devices to developers over the coming weeks and its possible they will make public more information about Windows Phone 7 soon. There is currently no information about the devices that will be powered by Windows Phone 7 at launch.

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