Online World Offers Virtual Drugs

It's finally happened. Not only can you have a "Second Life" on the internet, you can now get virtually high. Virtual world Red Light Center has started selling virtual drugs in its online nightclubs, hotels, bars, cinemas and shops. The company, which claims to be world's second most populated virtual space, is limiting the virtual world to 18+ users. Red Light Center says its users are reporting the "virtual high" is quite realistic.

Dr David Walsh, a spokesman for the National Institute on Family and the Media, isn't pleased with the use of "virtual drugs" in video games. He believes it creates curiosity and allure for players, instead of emphasizing the negative impacts. "Games are interactive and psychologically powerful. Now we have a game that glorifies drug use. Where do we draw the line?" he said.

"In a move sure to draw fire from the anti-drug establishment, any user who enters Merlin's Café will find an assortment of hookahs, or Oriental water pipes. The pipes can be freely smoked, and doing so will cause the user to experience the sensation of getting high. Smoking more virtual pot increases the effects, which range from 'mellow' to 'wasted'," the company said.

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