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Opera 6.04 (Build 1126)

The guys over at Opera Software have released the next beta version of Opera 6.04 (Build 1126 to be exact). Go grab it from here. What's


  • Crash fix in mailer: null pointer checks added + memory leaks plugged.
  • For our Korean webmail users:

    support for missing QP-encoding in From-header.

    made mime decoder use system charset if everything else fails.

  • Added loadable application icon support:

    [User Prefs]

    Application Icon=%someicon%

  • Suggested filename: reverted previous fix + added charset autodetection.
  • Fix for bug #77933. (Flash eats all CPU, https://www.sina.com.cn)
  • Fix for bug #49743. (freeze of display when playing WMP files in a new window, black areas when typing another URL, black areas when plugins disabled, WMP not recognized from file type extension)
Download: Opera 6.04 Build 1126

News source: Savage News

This is BETA software!, please use caution when installing it on your system

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