Oracle won't give up: Asks judge to find Google guilty of stealing Java

For over six years, Oracle has been asking the court system to fine Google over $9 billion for intellectual property theft of the Java programming language. Two months ago the courts found that Google's use of Java was considered "fair use" and threw the case out, but as we predicted back in May, that isn't stopping Oracle from pressing on.

According to Silicon Valley, earlier this month Oracle filed yet another motion requesting damages. The motion has been filed in San Francisco U.S. District Court with the same judge that threw the decision out back in May. The database giant has cited case law that they claim shows that if a company "exclusively acquires conspicuous financial rewards," that fair use does not factor into the equation. Since Google has made over $42 billion from Android, Oracle is insisting that this isn't actually fair use and is instead infringement.

It's unclear how frequently judges change their minds, but with that much money on the line, Oracle will probably be trying to pursue this for at least another six years.

Source: SiliconValley| Image courtesy of Shutterstock

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