Orange announce the launch of the SPV M5000

Orange have announced and released the SPV M5000.

The SPV M5000 is one of the world's first Windows Mobile-based 3G devices to be available in Europe. The device is built on Windows Mobile 5.0 (Codenamed Magneto). The device is manufactured by HTC who made the famous SPV C500 Smartphone.

The M5000 (HTC Universal) merges Tablet PC functionality to Windows Mobile functionality and almost hints at what Microsoft has planned for its vision of mobile computing. The SPV M5000 is designed to provide quick, easy and high speed access to remote office applications and the internet, as well as offering full voice capability.

Orange, Microsoft and HTC worked together closely to design the SPV M5000 which is optimised for data-centric business use. It has a built-in modem and fax capability and the user can read emails and access their calendar whilst making calls using their handsfree kit. A 128MB flash memory gives the SPV M5000 ample storage for the majority of short business trips. The device also features an integrated camera and supports video playbacks. An in-built loud speaker and sensitive microphone also makes the SPV M5000 suitable for conference calls.

The device is expected to be released any day now and will be availabe available for approximately 400 pounds sterling in the UK and 600 euros in France and Switzerland, before subsidy. Pricing however will be subject to the customer's contract, local market conditions and local market tariffs (per customer).

For more information on the HTC Universal device you may want to check out MoDaCo's SPV M5000 Chat starting now!

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View: Orange SPV M5000

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