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AMD tries making Ryzen 7000 mobile lineup less confusing with new orange stickers

AMD CES 2023

While AMD's desktop lineup is really easy to figure out as all the SKUs launched so far are based on Zen 4, the company's mobile lineup is the exact opposite. The Ryzen 7000 mobile is comprised of processors spanning multiple generations. For example, we have Mendocino, which are based on the much-older Zen 2, though the onboard iGP (integrated graphics) is RDNA 2.

To better explain the differences, AMD published a blog post outlining its new naming scheme in more depth. The company did so using "7640U" as an example. The first digit of the number (from the left) indicates the year of release, the second digit shows the targeted market segment, which in this case denotes the mid-range (Ryzen 5-tier), the third digit shows the architecture, where the "4" here is meant to denote Zen 4, and the final digit (in this case "0") is indicative of it being a lower-end SKU.

AMD Ryzen 7000 mobile lineup explained

AMD Ryzen 7000 mobile lineup explained

Alongside the explainer, AMD has quietly begun introducing new stickers to distinguish the newer Zen 4 parts from those based on older gen Zen 3 and Zen 2 models. The Santa Clara firm has brought in new orange stickers for this purpose.

AMD new orange stickers for Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 APUs
AMD new orange stickers for Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 APUs

The company says "Look for the ORANGE stickers for the newest, fastest, AMD processor technology.." Hence, these orange stickers should be present on the AMD Ryzen 7040 series (codenamed "Phoenix") and Ryzen 7045 series (codenamed "Dragon Range").

Via: VideoCardz

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