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ORIGIN PC launches updates for EON17-S and EON15-S Windows 7/8 laptops

In January 2012, ORIGIN PC launched a new lineup of powerful gaming PC laptops, the EON17-S and EON15-S, with their own exclusive top panel design and high end hardware inside. Today, ORIGIN PC announced a refresh of the EON17-S and EON15-S models, with an updated top panel and the latest CPUs and GPUs from Intel and NVIDIA, respectively.

ORIGIN PC's website has the details on the new EON17-S (starting at $1,567) and the EON15-S (starting at $1,540). Both laptops have backlit keyboards and an exclusive backlit trackpad. Both also support Intel's new fourth generation Core i5 or i7 processors, along with up to 32 GB of RAM. The smaller 15 inch EON15-S can have up to NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 780M GPU installed with 4 GB of RAM, while the larger EON17-S can be requested with up to NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 8780M with 4 GB of memory and SLi support.

Both laptops can have either Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed. ORIGIN PC also claims the new laptops have some interesting hard drive options for those of you who want a lot of storage. It states:

For the first time in an ORIGIN PC laptop, you now have the option for having Dual mSATA and Dual HDD/SSD storage drives in independent RAID configurations plus an additional storage option with the optical bay hard drive caddy for a total of 5 storage drives inside a single laptop!

The company also announced today that its lineup of Genesis, Millennium, and Chronos desktop PCs now all have Intel's fourth generation Core processors as options.


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