Neowin congratulates Rappy at 100,000 posts

Well, almost 100,000.

It's 99,841 at the time of writing, but he'll pass that today or tomorrow at the current rate, and that certainly deserves a mention!

Rappy also has an awesome reputation karma!

In this day and age with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, one can argue that community forums like Neowin and others are suffering as a result. The proof is there as well. Up until 2011 we easily managed 1,000,000 forum posts a year, but since then it has been quite a bit less, the magic 1,000,000 annually here at Neowin at least, is nothing but a memory of years past, although in the same breath I'd say we aren't suffering as much as we could be.

There are however still a bunch of active members on Neowin who continue to support the site through thick and thin; one of those is our popular staff member Rappy who has since 2002, brought joy to fellow lurkers and members with his epic threads that, in some cases, are limited to areas that are unfortunately not available to guests and members without a subscription. Thankfully, guests and non subscribers can still enjoy his vast submissions in The Media Room of which I'm also a fan.

Rappy easily manages 100 posts/day or 10% of the days total posts. 

So today I'd like to give a big shout out to a member, and a friend that continues to break records everyday when he posts, and will also be the first to reach 100,000 posts on Neowin. To put that into perspective, the second highest poster is Hum, at 54,700 posts.

I'd link one or two Epic threads from Rappy here, but as I've already pointed out, they can't be accessed without a subscription, current subscribers will know what I mean ;)

Damien, you rock. Thanks for your support, great posts and assistance as an awesome staff moderator to Neowin buddy!

We'll be handing Rappy a permanent Tier 2 subscription, which is our ad free experience.


If you'd like to join our community, you can register an account here, or connect with Facebook. There's lot's more to see as a registered member!

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