Paint and WordPad are being relegated to optional feature status in Windows 10

Following a raging bout of nostalgia by the Paint faithful, Microsoft scrapped its plans to remove the classic app from its operating system. While the company did stick to its promise of including the app in the Windows 10 May 2019 update, it hasn't entirely given up on the idea of ensuring that users migrate to its newfangled Paint 3D app for their image editing needs.

Indeed, the latest preview for the 20H1 update for Windows 10, build 18963, that was flighted to the Fast ring earlier this week shows the company has added another legacy app to its 'hit list': WordPad. Both WordPad and the classic Paint app can now be found in the list of optional features for Windows 10, joining the ranks of other hallmarks of the Windows of yore, such as Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer.

This means that both these apps will be uninstallable in a future release of Windows, likely 20H1, as build 18963 is a preview of that branch of Windows 10's development. A previous build had already included a placeholder for Microsoft Paint in the optional features' list but it was not functional at the time; this time around though, you can uninstall both apps immediately, if you so desire.

Of course, optional features can always be reinstalled so Paint won't really be disappearing anytime soon. The company was planning to keep the app alive through the Microsoft Store anyway. Just don't hold out any hope for the app receiving new features anytime soon, what with Microsoft putting its weight behind the newer, sexier, and higher dimensional Paint 3D.

Via: Windows Latest

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