Palm Pre hacked and ported to Verizon

When a product exists but is locked down in functionality a hacker does not see it as an obstacle but as a challenge. Case in point is that a PreCentral forum member "Cleanser" has managed to take the Palm Pre and port it over to the Verizon network.

The Pre has the potential to work natively on Verizon but due to software locks and exclusivity agreements the Pre is not currently sold for anyone other than Sprint. All is not perfect for the hack as "Cleanser" points out that currently only voice and SMS services are working but unfortunately data may take more time to hack.

Unlike the iPhone unlocking process, unfortunately, the Pre unlocking will never be as easy nor as seamless. The biggest hurdle is to get Verizon to add the device to its "trusted list" of devices to even allow the phone onto their network. Verizon some time ago did say that it would open up its network to all CDMA devices but the user claims it took over 20 calls to get it put on the "trusted list".

Hopefully when "Cleanser" completes the hack he will post up a tutorial so others may follow in his footsteps. Unfortunately this will never become as main stream as one would hope as exclusivity agreements only hurt the consumer.

Further proof is posted below of the phone running on the network and the user is currently soliciting help to get it onto the data network.

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