Paul Thurrot does New York!

Here are 2 blurbs from our mate PT from Wininfo/Winsupersite who puts his oar in (just like me and Redmak did) around the launch of XP. His story is one of Pictures (unlike ours)

It was a product launch like no other

Microsoft's launch of Windows XP was held at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, New York City. The company held special events, parties, and meetings before and after the launch keynote, with key company executives making themselves available to the press. Here are some of the sites we saw this week in New York City.

You Didn't Really Think Microsoft Designed That Stuff, Did You?

This week, we learned that frog design, the legendary product-design company, created the overall visual design for Windows Media Player for Windows XP (MPXP) and the new Windows XP flag. This news should come as no surprise; Microsoft's designs all end up looking like WordPad and the command-line window in XP, which still bears the old Windows 9x-style title bar, even when it uses the new UI. Some of frog design's more famous designs include the Apple II and original Macintosh, the Next cube, and the Vadem Clio. But if you're wondering about the sea of blues and greens that pervade in the new XP UI, wonder no more. That was all Microsoft's doing.

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