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Play Halo 4 online to get more Microsoft Points

A couple of months ago, Microsoft announced that Xbox 360 players who had a high enough Gamerscore would be able to get some rewards, such as a small refund every month for box Live Marketplace purchases. Now, with the launch of Microsoft's sci-fi shooter Halo 4, the company is offering players of that game an even nicer reward for their online play.

Microsoft has announced that, as part of its Xbox Live Rewards program, gamers who play Halo 4 online will be able to get some free Microsoft Points, which can be used to purchase games, music, video and other content on the Xbox 360 console. If you play Halo 4 longer than 35 hours online on Xbox Live, you will get 100 Microsoft Points. That number increases to 300 Microsoft Points if you play more than 70 hours online in Halo 4.

Finally, if you are really dedicated (and don't have much else to do) you can get 600 Microsoft Points if you play Halo 4 for 140 hours online. Yes, that's the equivalent of close to six days of continuous play. We hope you will take some bathroom breaks.

In addition to the bonuses for playing Halo 4, you can also get some extra Microsoft Points the easy way. Microsoft is offering 100 extra points if you buy 1,500 or more Microsoft Points worth of Halo content. It will give players 200 extra points if they purchase 3,000 or more Microsoft Points of Halo content.

The catch? This offer ends on November 30, so we suggest you start playing now.

Source: Microsoft Halo 4 offer | Image via Microsoft

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