Playstation 3 Secrets Revealed

A US Playstation magazine, PSM has apparently come to know some of the main features that the PS3 will be sporting when it is released to the public next year. There has been much question as to what size hard drive the PS3 will have, and PSM reveals that it will be a 80Gigabyte "micro-drive". Sony intends that this will be used purely for media, including video, photos and music, but not the storage of games.

Regarding Sony's stance on its High Definition push, PSM states that most titles will run at a standard 720p resolution, whilst some games will offer 1080i and 1080p, although this resolution isn't currently available on all HD TVs. PSM has also said that Sony intend to offer the user a chance to switch to 480i, which is the standard that regular TVs use. Sony are said to be keen to support those who do not have HD sets yet.

The PS3 is also abandoning support for the Memory Card that came with the original Playstation and PS2, instead opting to use its own now widely used Memory Stick format, which is used with its digital cameras and other devices. There will also be no support for current controllers that could be used with the PSone and PS2. This means that other popular items using the original Playstation port like light guns and dance mats will also be incompatible with the PS3.

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