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PowerToys may soon get a new module for fixing Windows 11's lackluster context menus

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The beauty of PowerToys, one of our favorite Windows apps, is that every enthusiast skilled enough can contribute to its ever-growing list of modules and utilities. PowerToys recently received some advanced AI stuff, and there is now another interesting utility in the work.

Dubbed "PowerToys New+", the idea is to let users set up customized templates for creating files and folders. The module would place a "New+" item in the context menu, giving users quick access to their templates, such as "Folder for documents", "New job application", "Windows batch project for file processing", "Daily to do list", and more. Each template will have a dedicated icon that will help it differentiate from other templates.

The new PowerToys New Plus module

Here is who this tool is for, according to the developer:

Windows power-users, developers and overtime also regular users who find themselves often creating files or folders that contain similar content, such as VS Code development projects, job applications and cover letters, scripts, etc.

The "New+" for PowerToys aims to fix Windows 11's controversial context menu and rather lackluster "New" submenu, where users cannot customize the list of available items, cannot create multiple variants for the same object type or template various folders. Of course, there are ways to make around those limitations, but with PowerToys New+, things should get much easier and more convenient.

The developer of the New+ module wants its project to be capable of replacing the stock "New" submenu, supporting over 20 templates, providing a wizard for creating templates, syncing templates across devices, and even offering a marketplace for customer-made variants.

For now, there is no information on when the first version of the New+ module will be available for testing (if ever). You can track the progress of its development in PowerToys's GitHub repository. Also, there is a detailed document explaining the project in more detail.

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