PowerUser.tv Episode 31: Blog Phones, Game Ratings and More!

This week the team introduces Joel Hulsey of QuarterToThree.com who gives PowerUser.tv a trial run and brings us his segment "What Game is Kicking Joel's Butt This Week", but first we discuss Apple's announcement about their new products, Sony Ericsson's new cell phone for bloggers and Skype in a legal tangle with AMD. An agreement has been reached on the future of the .com domain and lo, Kristin was right: RFID is a sign that the end times draw nigh. Hopefully the end times will hold off until they release the upcoming 8-terabyte desktop.

Then in gaming news Joel tells us what game has been kicking his butt this week, we discuss which movies are going to flop horribly at the box office because they are based on video games, and the big gaming news this week: Computer Gaming World has decided to get rid of game ratings. It caused quite a stir on QuarterToThree.com. Check it out!

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