PowerUser.TV Episode 40: Apple, Hacker Halted, Skype & more!

Apple goes mano y mano with both France and the RIAA and comes out on top. Also there are rumors that Windows Vista will be delayed again, but what does that really mean for consumers? Skype plans to give us the ability to have a 100 person conference call (which is an instant headache for Kristin) and a high school hacker is caught and "punished".

In gaming news the DS Lite will come out in June, and Oblivion is getting re-rated to an M for Mature! Also gold farmers buy Allakhazam and Joel tells us about the game that's kicking his butt this week.

All of this and so much more in Episode 40. Check it out! w00t!

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The team also discusses in this episode how there were two Australian gold miners trapped in a mine in Australia. They were been given iPods as part of an effort to keep their spirits up. While the team jokes about them getting the iPods and how the iPod has become something that is right up there next to food and water in terms of "things that keep us alive", we recognize that this is a serious situation where people have died and do not take it lightly. FOXNews is now reporting that the miners have been rescued after being trapped since April 25th. We wish them all the best.

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