Razer to launch a "hardcore" gaming ‘micro-console' running Android TV

The Razer Blade is widely acknowledged to be one of the best laptops for gaming, and its Edge tablet – running Windows 8 and designed to offer a superlative gaming experience on the move – is a pretty intriguing device too. With those bases covered, it seems that Razer is now preparing a push into living rooms.

Rather than going down the Steam Machines route that some manufacturers have embraced, Razer is developing a gaming-focused ‘micro-console’ based on the new Android TV effort, which Google announced yesterday. Engadget spoke with Razer at the Google I/O conference, and was told that the new device – shown here as a render – can “stream movies, music and other apps for large-screen entertainment, with an emphasis on gaming.”

Unlike other similar products, which include casual games as more of a nice ‘bonus’ than a major focus, Razer has promised that its device will be capable of delivering “hardcore” gaming to users.

The still-unnamed product is due to launch later this year, but for now Razer is being very coy about its plans, with many questions remaining unanswered. The company would not disclose any details about processing power, storage, connectivity, controllers or price, simply saying: “In keeping with the spirit of Google I/O, we will not be discussing specific product details at this time.”

It all sounds rather intriguing, and we’ll be looking forward to hearing more about the device in the weeks and months ahead. We just hope that Razer has managed to get its distribution problems sorted by the time the product launches. 

Source: Engadget | image via Razer / Engadget

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