Reality intrudes into gaming

Microsoft has come up with a new take on the often fantastical virtual world gamers are used to playing in.

Using a technique developed at Microsoft's UK research lab in Cambridge, gamers could soon play action games in the more familiar surroundings of their own house or garden.

Researchers have rigged up an omni-directional camera which captures images at a 360 degree angle.

The pictures can then be transferred to a computer to allow people to take a virtual tour through the environment captured.

The person controls the viewpoint and location using a standard game controller and the tour feels very much like a computer game.

The team are also working on ways of making the editing of digital images more sophisticated and simpler for people.

Repairing old photos, removing objects from pictures and even transferring a beautiful sunset from one landscape to another can be done at the touch of a button thanks to image editing techniques developed at the lab.

News source: BBC News

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