Report: Some Xbox Live accounts hacked

A new report claims that some Xbox Live accounts have been hacked in the past week with the purpose to purchase items related to Electronic Arts' FIFA pro soccer game series. Eurogamer reports that the hacked Xbox Live accounts have been used specifically to purchase FIFA Ultimate Team packs for EA's FIFA 12 game. One Xbox 360 gamer known as "Speedjack" claims that he found that his account had been accessed and that someone had used his credit card to purchase Microsoft points " ... all spent on FIFA 12 content packs yesterday afternoon while I was at work."

Other Xbox 360 users have reported similar issues with their Xbox Live accounts being accessed and used to purchase FIFA-related game content. One possible theory is that the hackers have contacted EA's online support with the purpose of gaining access to both Xbox Live and EA account info from their victims. Microsoft is taking some action: it has frozen some Xbox Live accounts for up to 30 days while it checks into the hacking claims.

So far EA has not yet commented on this issue, however the publisher has posted up a recent message on its FIFA message board that goes over some common hacker methods of obtaining account information. That includes fake emails and web site URLs being sent to potential victims as well as emails that make users think that their accounts have already been hacked.

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