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Rumor: iPhone 5S to launch on Sept 20th, low-end model to follow weeks later

After the unveiling of iOS 7, lots of folks are anxiously waiting to see what Apple has cooking on the hardware front. The long-awaited iPhone 5S is likely to launch sometime later this summer or in early autumn keeping true to Apple’s previous launch schedules. But there’s also the rumored low-end iPhone dubbed by some iPhone Light or iPhone 6. And what about the new wearable smart device, the iWatch?

Dave Smith, of International Business Times, has taken a look at all of Apple’s previous launches and he’s done some math that points towards a launch date of September 20th for the iPhone 5S. According to Smith this will come 2 days after the public release of iOS 7 which takes place exactly 100 days after its first unveiling at WWDC, a timetable that Apple previously followed for iOS6.

The new lower end iPhone, dubbed iPhone 6, is expected to launch a few weeks after the high end version, so folks that are interested get to experience and learn about the new device without all the hustle and bustle of the 5S launch. Both devices are expected to be announced somewhere around September 10th at an Apple event.

According to all the rumors, supposedly leaked images and general knowledge that’s flowing around, the iPhone 5S is expected to be somewhat of a substantial iteration of the previous iPhone. The new device is supposedly upgraded with a better camera, dual-LED flash, a new Apple-designed CPU, and a new fingerprint scanner embedded in the Home button that would make passwords on the device redundant.

In terms of design, the low-end iPhone Light/iPhone 6/iPhone Vaporware, is supposedly a mix and match between the iPhone 5, the latest iPod Touch and, surprisingly, the iPod Classic. However the casing is expected to be mostly plastic and come in a variety of colors.  According to Smith, Apple will use the same approach for the iPhone Light as they do with the iPod Touch: similar design and capabilities but without some of the bells and whistles that the higher end model gets.

Finally the iWatch, as well as new iPad models, including a Retina iPad Mini, are expected to be announced and launched sometime in October in time for the holiday season.

Now of course you have to bear in mind that almost everything noted above is rumor and logic. While this info does make sense and is based on Apple’s previous behavior, it’s not confirmed in any way and right now it represents little more than wishful thinking.

Source: IBTimes | Images via Apple, iPortal and MacRumors

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