Rumor: Upcoming Amazon tablet to have dual screens?

Amazon's entry into the tablet business seems all but confirmed at this point but rumors about what the tablet will actually be like seem to change nearly daily. The latest such rumor comes from the Zatz Not Funny web site. The rumor comes from "a friend of the site" who claims to have learned new details about the tablet from an unnamed but "highly placed Amazon employee." This new rumor claims that the tablet product will in fact have dual screens.

The story claims that one screen will have a color LCD while the other will feature an e-ink screen similar to Amazon's Kindle e-Reader. The two screens will be front and back, a la the Nintendo DS console, rather than a stacked format or a dual mode screen. The tablet is also supposed to "incorporates a clever case design that keeps the screens protected". The story repeats other rumors that Amazon's upcoming tablet will contain the Android operating system.

The story adds that while the tablet was in fact supposed to start shipping this month issues with shortages in the tablet's displays have delayed the launch of the tablet into August. The story does not mention pricing for the tablet.

If true this product will be an equal mix of an e-reader with a tablet. Amazon may need some help in regaining the lead it once had in the e-reader business. A recent study claims that sales of Barnes and Noble's Nook Color are now overtaking those of the Kindle.

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